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Kid's Playroom Decorating Tips By Adrienne Jennings

Where to start? That’s always my first question when I am styling or designing any space. Well I’m here to tell you the obvious, at the beginning. There’s always something whether it be an image, a piece of décor, a lighting fixture I see and it inspires my design. If you look around one of your rooms there’s generally something that catches your eye because you LOVE it. I take this approach on all of my spaces, creating online mood boards with that inspiring piece at the center of it. Using these mood boards I pick out a color palette for the big pieces in the room and even find some smaller accessories to pull it all together. 

For my kid’s playroom I fell in love with asymmetrical polka dot wall decals. I created an entire room complete with a muted color palette, accents of pastels (even with the climbing pieces of furniture), and whimsical animal heads on each wall. I kept the larger pieces of furniture in white or raw wood so the polka dot wall decals could shine! Don’t worry, I wasn’t blinded by love for these decals that I forgot we needed a lot of storage in the playroom. All of the pieces I brought in to the space while neutral, served as storage as well as easy access to the toys (because duh the room is for the kids.) It only takes one thing to inspire a whole space. 

Seeing my vision come to life while hunting for all the pieces is one of my favorite parts of the process (Little Lona is the perfect place to complete an entire kids space). My advice: be inspired by something, create a simple mood board, and stick to an overarching color palette (think more similar tones of colors rather than repeating the exact same color throughout). If that doesn’t work- I’m always here to help @thejenningsmama for a second opinion! 

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