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Why We love the Milton & Goose Play Kitchen and Refrigerator - Plus the Benefits of Pretend Play By: Stephanie from @mamas.little.village


Does your little one love pretending? Or do they always want to do what you are doing?  My little one loves to be my little shadow.  If mama is doing it, she has to as well.  Young children learn by imagining, pretending, and just doing.  Have you watched your little one make sounds like a car, an animal, or talk to an imaginary friend?  My little one does this all the time.  Each of these sounds, words, motions and actions all help foster creativity. It’s a fun way to learn, develop, and grow. 

Do you ever look at your playroom and it looks like one big mess? Let me tell you that definitely happens to me a lot.  As my little one gets older I like to choose pieces that will last a lifetime. I like to choose toys that are well-made, indestructible by a toddler, foster learning and creativity, and of course that are beautiful. We recently added the Milton and Goose Essential Play Kitchen and Refrigerator and it has been the perfect addition to our home.  It was love at first sight! It is the awesome for endless imaginative play. It is high quality and made of Baltic birch and solid North American maple that will last for generations.  This kitchen is gorgeous and creates a perfect canvas for your little ones to cook, bake, create and let their imagination run wild. The kitchen design is so realistic from the extra-large oven with a pull-down door to the four burners with turning knobs.  The refrigerator has beautiful classic double French doors that have endless storage for all your kitchen needs.   My daughter loves the spacious farmhouse sink to pretend to wash all her fruits and veggies and the under-sink cabinet is here favorite spot to keep all her treasures. 

We have had this play kitchen for over a month and it has been a huge hit.  My little one started talking after two and through pretend play it really has developed her language skills.  When I watch her play I hear some words I didn’t know she knew. It melts my mama heart. Through imaginative play she really has learned the power of language, imitation, thinking skills, problem solving and the quality of nurturing. 


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