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Lullaby Earth Mattresses Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage
Lullaby Earth Mattresses Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage
Lullaby Earth Mattresses Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage
Lullaby Earth Mattresses Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage
Lullaby Earth Mattresses Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage
Lullaby Earth Mattresses Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage

Lullaby Earth Breathe Safe Breathable Mini Crib Mattress - 2-Stage

Brand: Lullaby Earth
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  • According to the CPSC, babies should be put to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS. However, there will likely come a time when your baby will turn face down in his or her sleep. That's when having additional airflow under the baby may be helpful. This can also improve temperature regulation and reduce overheating.

    Lullaby Earth breathable crib mattresses provide more airflow than traditional non-breathable crib mattresses according to independent tests. The brands practical approach to breathability is effective without sacrificing hygiene.

    Key Features

    How It Works

    The breathable cover is actually a 3-dimensional structure that allows air to flow through the fabric and under the baby for 360° air circulation. Since air is able to pass freely through the fabric’s 3D structure, babies can breathe right through it!



    Practical Design

    The breathable function is encapsulated in a washable cover that completely hugs the mattress. This removable layer has a waterproof backing that keeps the mattress clean and protected from urine, spit-up, and other messes. In the event of an accident, just replace with a spare cover or put the baby back to sleep on the fully functional underlying mattress. The cover can be easily laundered at your convenience (machine wash & dry).



    The proof is in the pudding

    In an independent test designed to measure breathability, Lullaby Earth breathable crib mattresses achieved the highest performing category, allowing a simulated baby to breathe directly through the fabric's 3D structure indefinitely.

    Conducted by Intertek, an independent third-party laboratory.



    No Harmful Chemicals, Flame Retardants

    At Lullaby Earth, we take chemicals seriously. Not only do we completely eliminate vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, antimicrobials, perfluorinated compounds, phthalates and more, we've designed our mattresses to pass flammability standards without ANY flame retardants or flame barriers whatsoever. After all, the best flame retardants are NONE AT ALL.



    Strong Support + Firm Edges

    When it comes to providing proper support for your baby, Lullaby Earth crib mattresses won't let you down. Our patented WaveSupport™ design conforms to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and pediatrician firmness recommendations so your baby has the firm, flat surface needed for safer sleep. Optional 2-stage dual firmness is available with the Breeze Air, providing a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.



    Environmentally Friendly Materials

    Lullaby Earth mattresses feature patented food-grade PE waterproofing and recycled polyester fiber fill for an environmentally friendly design. These are two of the most commonly recycled materials. We care about the environment and believe in doing everything we can to preserve it for future generations.



    We'll Take The Night Shift

    We know that baby will always be most comfortable with Mom or Dad. But when you're not around, we'd like to be your next best choice. Besides, we absolutely love the night shift! Our mattresses are firm yet comfortable, and designed to nurture your little one into a deep and healthy sleep while keeping them safe. 

  • Approx Dimensions: 27 1/4" x 51 5/8" x 6"

    SKU: LE16-WHT

    Color: White

    Made in USA

  • About Lullaby Earth

    Lullaby Earth crib mattresses were designed by parents, grandparents, and engineers dedicated to creating the safest baby crib mattress possible. It's the result of years of research, with safety and affordability as their top priorities. Lullaby Earth packs in all the key safety features you want in a crib mattress while making cleanup and bedding changes convenient and simple for parents.

    The mattresses feature patented waterproofing and a patented Wave Support core, so pure that it meets FDA food contact standards. They are easy to wipe clean, and the seamless edge design prevents bacteria build-up and keeps the inside of your baby's mattress clean and dry. The firm, flat surface and reinforced edge support provide a comfortable and safer sleep environment for your baby or toddler. Your crib mattress will last through toddlerhood and beyond!

    In 2013, Lullaby Earth pioneered enhanced breathability with the introduction of the Airflow Topper, shortly followed by the Breathe Safe crib mattress in 2014. Building on our safer crib mattress design, it kept all the safety features your baby relies on and added a breathable layer for a cool, dry safer sleep. Plus, it's easy to keep clean with its durable machine washable design.

    Unlike competing products in a similar price range, Lullaby Earth crib mattresses are completely free of polyurethane foam (including soybean foam blends), vinyl/PVC, PFC and antibacterial treated fabrics, as well as questionable fire retardants and known allergens.

    They know you have worries when you're preparing for your new baby. Choosing a crib mattress shouldn't be one of them.


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