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Toki Mats Baby Gyms Classic Toki Mats - Rainbow Watercolor Standard Padded Play Mat
Toki Mats Baby Gyms Toki Mats - Rainbow Watercolor Standard Padded Play Mat
Toki Mats Baby Gyms Toki Mats - Rainbow Watercolor Standard Padded Play Mat
Toki Mats Baby Gyms Toki Mats - Rainbow Watercolor Standard Padded Play Mat

Toki Mats - Rainbow Watercolor Standard Padded Play Mat

Toki Mats
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  • Toki Mats natural foam provides you and your babes with a soft but firm surface to practice milestones and play on the floor. The Toki Mats Rainbow Watercolor Standard Padded Play Mat comes in organic and classic options and features a beautiful print. 

  • Product Details

    + Top: Watercolor rainbows on white backgroundBottom: White stamped dashes on light grey background.

    + Consists of a removable fabric cover with zipper closure, two foam inserts, and two toy loops at seams.

    + Designed for Toki by Jenna Rainey.

    + Size: 40” x 40” x 1”

    + Made in USA

    + Great on Any Surface: Whether it’s hardwood, tile, or rug, Toki Mats pad your babe’s falls.

    + Non-Toxic: All materials are certified non-toxic and free of PVC, phthalates and lead.

    + Foldable & Modular: Easy to remove cover and switch up with interchangeable designs.

    + Washable: Spills? No problem. The covers zip off easily for the wash.


    + Accessories: All play mats are packaged in a PVC wire frame travel case with handle. Waterproof cover not included.

    + Foam inserts: 1" thick certified natural latex foam. Toki Mats foam is made from rubber tree sap, using the energy efficient Dunlop production process. The foam has a supportive and springy feel, with small air pockets that make it completely breathable.
    Internationally certified non-toxic, all natural latex foam made from tree sap.

    + Cover: 100% cotton fabric.

    + Safety warning: For use on floor only. Not intended for sleep. Check if baby has allergies to latex in any form.


    100% cotton cover is not pre-shrunk, but is cut slightly larger to allow for some shrinkage. However, it is still recommend washing and drying on low to no heat.

    Spot clean natural latex foam with mild soap and water. If the natural foam is put into direct sunlight or exposed to air for several weeks, it will begin to dry out and become brittle. If your natural foam becomes wet, remove the cover and let the components dry separately in a room.

  • Eli came up with the idea for Toki Mats while on maternity leave with her second baby, Shaya. Sitting in her living room on her couch, looking out at all of the small-shop baby decorations and toys she collected while pregnant, she realized there was no place to get down on the floor and safely play with her newborn and toddler. At least, she didn’t have one that was both comfortable and modern. She spent the next year designing and building Toki Mats. Through naptime in those first few months of maternity leave, then late nights after going back work, she did tons of research to make sure she had access to the best materials, designs, and partners. While Eli has a packed schedule with her family and full time job, seeing other families play together on Toki Mats is worth the hustle.


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